What is Nutmeg?

Ever since Issue 1 went to print in the autumn of 2016, Nutmeg magazine has been a high-class home for quality writing about Scottish football’s past, present and future. Our 196 elegant pages offer an engrossing blend of opinion, nostalgia, insight, photography and illustration. Nutmeg is Scotland’s game, in print.

Many subscribers have been with us since Issue 1. Others started later. Now is as good a time as any to join them – there is no continuous storyline to follow, just consistently and timelessly interesting words.

Our magazine seeks to leave no reader behind, covering both the science and the romance of the game, and its sepia past and uncertain future. It is a publication of reflection and analysis on the one hand, and photographs from the rainy tea bar queue on the other. All football clubs are treated equally, no matter their size; more important to our readers and to us is the quality of the story and how it is told.

In a time of so much sound and fury, Nutmeg seeks to be reflective, considered, open and interesting. That does not mean it lacks passion: it is steeped in a deep and lasting love for the Scottish game in all its maddening glory.

Accompanying our print offering and reflecting its values, we also produce a podcast and video content, and host events.

What our readers say

“A fantastic collaboration of everything magic and mental about Scottish football.”

“A haven for me in an often-stressful world. You are doing God’s work!”

“A delight whenever a new issue arrives.”

“The best Scottish football publication ever and excellent value for money.”

“I really enjoy the paper. This awesome smell.”

“A lovely publication put together with high quality design and dedication.”

“A wonderful magazine and I look forward to reading it every time it comes out.”

“Living in England it helps keep me ensconced in Scottish football past, present and future.”

Get involved

If you’d like to work with us then please get in touch. We are looking for writers, photographers, illustrators, sales people, sponsors, in fact anyone who loves the game and wants to support what we’re doing.