What’s Nutmeg?

It’s not a book, it’s not a magazine. It’s somewhere inbetween, and something completely new in Scotland: a quarterly subscription-only long-form publication filled with top-quality writers, great articles and fascinating stories. And it’s all about Scottish football.

Who are ya?

Nutmeg is a group of writers and authors, as well as editors and designers, who are all passionate about the game in Scotland and want a publication that shares that passion.

Tell me more …

There’s only one …

… way to get Nutmeg. That’s by subscribing. It’ll cost you less than the admission to most Scottish matches, will entertain you for longer than 90 minutes and there’s less risk of feeling morbidly depressed afterwards when your team’s been gubbed 3-0.

Go on then

All we are saying …

… is we’ve got a formidable formation of top names in Issue 10. So if you love great writing and you’re passionate about Scottish football, do you need more reasons to be a Nutmeg subscriber?

Issue 10 line-up