Issue 7

Differing schools of thought

One option for talented young footballers is to attend a performance school. But will more time spent training produce better players? By Neil Gibson & Robert McCunn

Scraps of pleasure

The chance rediscovery of some long-forgotten scrapbooks brings personal memories of Scotland’s World Cup campaigns flooding back.

By Kenny Pieper

First impressions

For many football fans around the turn of the century, Sunday afternoons meant Football First – and the company of presenter David McKinney.

By Paul Irving

Leading questions

One of the key figures at the SFA’s centre of excellence at Largs is Dr Brian Howieson, a business and management academic. Sound odd? Not when you hear his views on leadership in the game.

By Grant Hill

Stick ’em up!

Ultras stickers: Low-level vandalism or vibrant street art celebrating terrace culture? Words and photographs by Barry Didcock

Willie Woodburn: hero or villain?

In an age when Sergio Ramos can collect his 24th red card and still be regarded by many as a fine player, spare a thought for Willie Woodburn, one of the greatest defenders to play for Rangers and Scotland, who was banned sine die – after four dismissals.

By David Docherty

Pick a number, any number

Andrew Robertson wears 26, Kieran Tierney’s number is 63, Gary Hooper liked to wear 88. We’ve come a long way from the days when players lined up with shirt numbers from 1-11.

By Graeme Webster

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