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After The Ninety Before


This article first appeared in Issue 2 which was published in December 2016.

I’ll tell you what                                we needed or maybe not

on Saturday last                                before Tuesday past

the Saturday before                         the Wednesday score

on the Monday night                       try as I might

I’m not going back                           there’s a definite lack

we were heroes                                 a bunch of zeroes                          

we were rocking                               we were shocking

we were cruising                              gave them a bruising

we’ve not a clue                                we’ve got fatigue                            

we’re Champions League               we’re Division Two

was that a 442?                                 more an 811

a stroke of genius                             give’s a break, we won

why does he not play him?            I wouldn’t give him boots

it’s looking grim                                I can see green shoots

we need experience                        we need youth                  

we need clean sheets                      we need tricks not treats

we should commit more                three up front, we need to score

defend what we’ve got                    develop what we’ve got

my pie was cold                               my pie was gold

we’re getting sucked in                  we’re getting stuck in

I can see daylight                             I can see a black hole

we’ve turned a corner                    we’ll improve when it’s warmer

we need a clear out                         keep what we’ve got

build from the top                           that’s the shout

add another layer                            a million pound player

start again                                         consolidate, ease the pain

we need a plastic pitch                  re-turf the grass pitch

a new start                                        to stick with tradition

a kick start                                       to squad rotation

a winning mentality                       a break from reality

starting on Saturday                      ready for Tuesday

on Monday night                            for Saturday’s early kick off

we’ve got momentum                   we’re doomed

I’m up for it. It’ll be fun.                I’m painting the bairns room

I think we’re done                          I’ll see you there then?                   

I can’t wait. It’ll be great.              Europe here we come!

This article first appeared in Issue 2 which was published in December 2016.

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